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Watch: Wintersleep unveil new video for ‘Free Fall’

Wintersleep have unveiled a new video for their track “Free Fall,” which was released alongside “Fading Out” earlier this month.

“Free Fall” is a melancholic, yet anthemic tune, opening with a driven instrumental line before exploding into a gritty, distorted track packed with unique vocal layers. The accompanying animated video is a whirlwind of colours as dozens of people fall through the sky.

“For me, this song is the sound of the wind if you’re in a forever fall through a bright and colourful sky,” director Christopher Mills explains in a statement. “If you were falling into infinity, it seems likely that, at some point, the world around you would become abstract, and you might imagine people falling around you, or the shapes of their bodies absorbed into clouds that would then shift and evaporate into even more abstract shapes.”

Watch the video for “Free Fall” below.

Catch Wintersleep at The Great Hall on November 1st.

Lead photo courtesy of Scott Munn.

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