Watch: Wolf Parade Perform Live in the Collective Arts Black Box

Watch indie legends Wolf Parade perform songs from their 2017 album, Cry Cry Cry

Wolf Parade, one of Canada’s most beloved and respected indie rock bands, broke many music fans’ hearts when they announced they were going on indefinite hiatus in 2011. While the co-frontmen of the band have other great projects, Spencer Krug’s Moonface and Dan Boeckner’s Operators, there’s extraordinary chemistry when they combine to make music as Wolf Parade. But the music gods were kind to us, and the band reunited early last year. They released a new album, Cry Cry Cry, this fall — their first release in seven years.

“The band itself is almost a fifth member of the band, something more or at least different than the sum of its parts,” says Krug. “We don’t know who or what is responsible for our sound, it’s just something that naturally and consistently comes from this particular combo of musicians.”

“Once we got back together, I was playing guitar, writing and singing in a way that I only do while I’m in Wolf Parade,” says Dan Boeckner. “It’s just something that I can’t access without the other three people in the room.”

Watch Wolf Parade perform three songs from Cry Cry Cry, live for Indie88 in the Collective Arts Black Box.

Full Performance

Baby Blue

Valley Boy

You’re Dreaming