Watch: Young the Giant “Mind Over Matter” Video Premiere

Young the Giant's title track "Mind Over Matter" gets a music video

San Francisco band Young the Giant has just released the music video for “Mind Over Matter”.

It’s a kaleidoscope of sound and video, sprinkled with glitter and super great energy from the band. The title track from their most recent LP Mind Over Matter was “a little mantra of trying to get past these certain obstacles that one makes three-dimensional, but which are actually a figment of our own imagination,” said Sameer Gadhia, YTG’s frontman.

“Sometimes you can think about higher things and the social implications of what you’re doing, but at the end of the day, just being and existing as a group together, getting in a room and jamming for hours: I think that’s really what we are” he added.

The video is directed by Tim Nackashi, the same director that worked on OK Go!’s award winning “WTF?” music video.

Watch the video for “Mind Over Matter” below.