Watch: Young Thug’s New Video He Didn’t Even Bother to Show Up For

The idea to eat Cheetos was all his.

When life gives you a mercurial rapper who didn’t show up for his own music video shoot, you make the damn video anyway.

Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug can be heard on a voice recording at the beginning of the video for “Wyclef Jean,” outlining his request for “kiddie cars” and “a lot of bitches” for the concept. “Young Thug didn’t show up in time for that shot,” writes co-director Ryan Staake in the video. “In fact, he never showed up for any of our shots.”

The result is one of our favourite videos of all-time, featuring some footage Young Thug sent the directors…mostly of himself eating Cheetos. Staake uses most of the video to explain how the shoot fell apart, and we’re all better for it.