Watch: Yves Jarvis, formerly Un Blonde, releases video for ‘Fruits of Disillusion,’ announces new album

'The Same but by Different Means' is set for release on March 1

Formerly known as Un Blonde, Yves Jarvis has released a new song, a new video, and announced a new album all under a new identity. Alongside the announcement of the Montreal-based creative’s upcoming album The Same but by Different Means, Yves Jarvis has released a 16mm film video for the smooth new track “Fruits of Disillusion.”

When it comes to parting with his previous stage name, Yves explained in a statement, “I don’t identify with it at all. I knew I needed something that I could identify with.” The Colin Medley-directed video for the new track uses slow motion to gracefully capture the natural light and Yves’ groovy movements. The track marks a sort of melancholic theme for the upcoming album, which is set for release on March 1st.

Watch the video for “Fruits of Disillusion” and check out the tracklist for The Same but by Different Means below.

The Same but by Different Means tracklist:

01 – Celebration
02 – On My Grind
03 – Open Sesame
04 – I’m Free
05 – Rain Will Not Change
06 – I Felt The Evening Come Through The Window
07 – Brand New
08 – Exercise A
09 – Staying In Line
10 – In Harmony
11 – Who I Am
12 – Take Me Higher
13 – The Real Way
14 – Heat Of The Afternoon
15 – A Level Playing Field
16 – No Fronting
17 – The Time It Takes
18 – True Love
19 – Look At Me Deep (Mutual Love)
20 – Rain Cannot Change
21 – Trust Your Judgement
Catch Yves Jarvis at The Baby G on Tuesday, December 18th.
Photo courtesy of Unfolding Creative.