Watch: Yves Jarvis shares trippy video for new single ‘Projection’

Following the release of 'Sundry Rock Song Stock'

Following the release of Sundry Rock Song Stock, Montreal’s Yves Jarvis has returned with a trippy video for his new single “Projection.”

The soft, swirling new track features lyrics in English and French. “Projection” is a “rickety rejection of dogma, tumbling tenaciously toward the tip,” Jarvis explains.

Jarvis shot the accompanying black-and-white video on an iPhone, and he printed out each frame and scanned them all to create a flip book style. Ultimately, the video for “Projection” is a gritty, flashy clip packed with fun shots of Jarvis.

Watch the video for “Projection” below.

“I want my recordings to be naturalist, so from that sense I am ideally making them outside,” Jarvis explains of his music. “More than a musician or a singer, I’m a producer, and any studio I’m in will become my bedroom. Creation is my life and I don’t compartmentalize it at all.”