Watch: The first official trailer for the ‘Animaniacs’ reboot is here

The new season hits Hulu on November 20

Wakko, Yakko, and Dot are back and wilder than ever in the first official trailer for the forthcoming Animaniacs reboot.

The new clip suggests that the new season will be full of jokes that break the fourth wall, featuring callbacks to the original series, meta jokes about their first lines, and the quintessential ’90s characters trying to make it through the world of today. The trailer even opens with Yakko giving a speech about how reboots are just “symptomatic of a fundamental lack of originality in Hollywood.”

Clips also confirm that Pinky and the Brain will make their return to the series in the new season, which will hit the platform on November 20th.

Watch the trailer for the Animaniacs reboot below.