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9 Beautiful Waterfalls In Hamilton For Those Looking To Get Out And Hike

You May Have Heard About Toronto’s Waterfalls, But What About Hamilton?

Did you know that there are over 100 waterfalls tucked away behind the trails of the Niagara Escarpment that cuts through Hamilton? Because of this, waterfalls in Hamilton are actually highly sought-after, and easy to find.

Whether you’re going on a day-trip, or you’re looking for a weekend away full of amazing food experiences, you’ll definitely want to add this list of waterfalls in Hamilton to your itinerary. The best waterfalls in Hamilton are so close to the city, you won’t even believe it!

What Are The Best Waterfalls In Hamilton? (Our Top 9 Picks!)

Albion Falls

waterfalls in hamilton
Image: @albionfalls on Instagram

This beautiful, 19 metre cascade waterfall has a unique story behind it, and can be reached through several scenic walking trails. The two upper viewing platforms are open much of the year, but are located a little bit away from the falls themselves.

The area is full of gorgeous and relatively easy hikes. You’ve got lots of parking options, and also trails for biking. Explore Albion Falls for yourself and find your favourite spot to sit and relax.

Borer’s Falls

waterfalls in hamilton
Image: @cecil_seavue on Instagram

Located on Royal Botanical Garden land, Borer’s Falls sits on a looped hiking trail. At 15 metres tall, this waterfall is in a conservation area, which protects its beauty from outside influences. Keep in mind that there’s no swimming at this waterfall, but there’s lots of hiking and lookout points along the way.

Buttermilk Falls

waterfalls in hamilton
Image: @nataliehoftyzerphotography on Instagram

Located on Mountain Brow Blvd. in Hamilton, Buttermilk Falls open late May to October. Not only is it a gorgeous place to view the autumn colours, it’s also a great place for a hike. Generally considered an easy route by most hikers who visit the area, it takes an average of 18 minutes to complete.

Devil’s Punchbowl

waterfalls in hamilton
Image: @macgregorsworld_ on Instagram

The Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area has two different waterfalls and features colourful layers of stratified rock. If you make the hike to the falls, there may be enough water to go in, but if you’re into swimming, you may want to try another of these amazing waterfalls in Hamilton.

Felker’s Falls

waterfalls in hamilton
Image: @blogto on Instagram

Felker’s Falls, also a conservation area in the province of Ontario, is a forested nature preserve with a 22 metre terraced waterfall. If you check out this gorgeous park area and waterfall in Hamilton, you can also hang out on the playground and have some fun time with the kids. There are walking trails all around to enjoy as well. It’s a perfect day trip from Toronto, and a great way to get some fresh air.

Sherman Falls

waterfalls in hamilton
Image: @clairifly on Instagram

Known as a “terraced curtain waterfall”, this 17 metre waterfall is nicknamed Fairy Falls or Angel Falls because it’s so magical. Keep in mind however that this waterfall is on private property, but the owners are happy to allow people to enjoy the views and vibe of Sherman Falls. Be super friendly if you see them, because they’re the reason you can enjoy this gorgeous attraction! You’ll find this waterfall in Hamilton along the Bruce Trail at the western edge of the city.

Smokey Hollow Falls

waterfalls in hamilton
Image: @hopzphotoz on Instagram

This ‘gushing’ 10 metre waterfall has a perfectly-placed viewing platform and a hiking trail. Surrounded by blissful forest and trees, Smokey Hollow Waterfall is one of the best waterfalls to visit outside of Hamilton. There’s a small parking lot for you to park your car, beside which you’ll find a nice green space for a picnic. You won’t need a permit to access this waterfall, but you will want to arrive early if you want a parking spot.

Tews Falls

waterfalls in hamilton
Image: @mr._tade on Instagram

Tews Falls required an online reservation for a long time, however these days it seems you don’t need one anymore. This may change, however, so we recommend checking out the official page for the falls before you go.

Tew Falls is commonly referred to as a ‘package deal’ with nearby Webster Falls, but it’s stunning all on its own. It’s known as a ‘ribbon waterfall’, and is also the tallest waterfall in Hamilton.

Tiffany Falls

waterfalls in hamilton
Image: @blogto on Instagram

Tiffany Falls waterfall in Hamilton is a stunning 21 metre high cascade that you can reach with a short hike along a wooded trail. You can also go ice climbing in the winter, so this attraction really meets a lot of different needs.

There are no major hills or uneven ground along the hike, so it can be considered accessible for people with walkers. It’s only about 10-15 minutes, and the view at the end is well worth the short walk. Plus, dogs are allowed so that’s an added bonus.

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