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Wayhome Confirms Official Lineup Announcement Time

With any major music festival, there is always speculation about which artists will play. In its first two years, Wayhome Music & Arts Festival has done a great job building that excitement with a track record of programming the biggest artists and building pre-festival buzz with creative (and sometimes ridiculously puzzling) teases each year.

This year, Wayhome mailed out polaroid photos to fans and media alike that contained clues to which bands will be making the trip to Oro Medante this July. As the guessing games continue online, we now know that the official news is coming on Monday afternoon, so we can finally put all the guessing games to rest. Wayhome released the information on their Instagram account, which you can see below.

Stay tuned to Indie88 at 88.1 FM for the big announce on Monday afternoon.

Update: See the official lineup here.

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