Wayhome Festival Drops Another Mysterious 360° Video

More lineup clues revealed.

After dropping a first 360° lineup tease video earlier this week, the folks at Wayhome Festival have now dropped another trippy vid that reveals clues to the much-speculated 2016 lineup. Watch it above or below and let us know your guess in the comments.

To enjoy this interactive 360° experience to it’s full effect, we highly recommend using your mobile device and headphones. Watch in maximum quality on the latest version of the YouTube app on iOS or Android, and move your phone around to look in any direction.

If you’re experiencing low quality on mobile, switch to desktop where you can use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer on your Mac or PC. To move the camera, either click and drag using your mouse, use the directional controls on the top left of the video player, or use the W, A, S, and D keys on your keyboard.