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WayHome Festival Pro Tips

WayHome is just around the corner! Whether you’re a festival veteran or a first-timer, there is a lot to think about when planning your WayHome. We asked all the festival folks here at Indie88 for their pro tips and came up with the best ways to ensure you have the ultimate WayHome experience.

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Did we miss any? Share your pro tips in the comments at the bottom. We’ll see you at WayHome!


Amidst all the excitement, anticipation, and remembering to bring your body jewels and blow up palm tree, sometimes the essential festival pieces slip through the cracks. So make a list and check it twice including: a hat, sun screen, bug spray, water bottle, comfortable shoes, sun glasses, chap stick (bonus for SPF), toothbrush, deodorant, socks, extra socks, rain coat, and a towel – even if you don’t plan on showering. Raina’s got you covered for the essentials – check out her packing guide:



Just because you’re camping, doesn’t mean you have to rough it. The beauty of camping music festivals is that you can drive your car right up to your campsite (or at least pretty close to it). This means you don’t have to bring just the bare essentials. With a little extra effort, you can maximize your comfort and thus your festival experience. First thing’s first: get your hands on an air mattress. It’s an investment that you’ll likely use again and you won’t feel that root digging into your ribs all night. But how will you inflate it? Don’t be a chump, bring a pump. There are pumps that are battery powered and some you can use in your car adapter -you’ll be the hero of all the neighbouring campsites.



Hanging out at the campsite with new and old friends is an integral part of the WayHome (and any festival) experience. Remember guys, this is the peak of summer, and you’re in the middle of a field – to beat the heat you need to make shade. Bring a food tent, a tarp, or get crafty with whatever you’ve got; just make sure you and your crew have a quick escape from the rays. Rookie mistake: not bringing enough seating. Those $10 folding lounge chairs from Shoppers will come in super handy here and make your campsite the go-to chill spot.

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A cooler isn’t just a convenient way to pack your booze and food in the car, last year this was one of the hottest commodities at every campsite. Why? The glorious WayHome Ice Truck. Each morning an ice cart drove up and down the endless rows of tents selling bags of ice for the day. Stay fresh. Cash only.



Juice crystals, we’re talking about juice crystals. Liquids are heavy and bulky and while you have the luxury of packing your crew car to the brim, drinks can be an unnecessary item. Juice crystals pack super well and come in a huge variety of flavours. Festival favourite: Crystal Lite Pink Lemonade with gin…or vodka… or rum.



This year’s festival will be entirely cashless (for the exception of the ice vendor gods). When you register your wristband, upload some cash so you’re ready to rock when you arrive. Get ready for shorter lines, quicker transactions, and no stolen wallets! We recommend the “auto top-up” option so you can reload your funds at the tap of your wrist. Also, by registering your wristband you’re automatically entered to win a ton of cool prizes and festival upgrades while you’re there!



Totems are one of those “why didn’t we think of that?!” things. You’ve all seen them: the inflatable pool toy, the stuffed animal, the politician’s face, Oprah Winfrey – wavering high in the sky. These mobile meeting places will make finding your WayHomies a breeze. How? You’ve got a few options for the pole. Pool noodles are the original festival totems, but keep in mind: these guys are flimsy and likely won’t support whatever creature you want to hoist 10 feet high. PCV pipe or wooden sticks are common. The best totem pole is lightweight telescoping aluminum, like a pool net. These will collapse down and support the most extravagant of totem creations. Relevant cultural characters are always a big hit at festivals. How many Drakes atop the CN Tower will we see towering over WayHome this year?

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Planning will help you get the most out of your festival experience. You don’t want to miss a beat of your favourite bands. Put together your custom lineup and compare your can’t-miss shows with your friends. Another awesome planning tool is the WayHome app. Not only can you load up your custom schedule and see exactly where you are on the interactive map, but the app will send push notifications for emergencies, event changes, weather alerts, and more once you’re there. The real pro tip? Print out your schedule and have a plan for where to meet if you get separated from your friends. Cell service at a music festival is never a guarantee!



You won’t make it through one day, let alone an entire weekend of music and fun if you’re not fueling enough. Food prep is a necessary evil when it comes to camping festivals. Check out our Festival Eats: Guide to Food at WayHome, and begin thinking about the food you’ll bring with you. Don’t get hangover hangry! Have a meal plan. Whether that’s loading up on granola bars, or going gourmet with the portable waffle press, you’ll thank us later when you’re not standing in a line feeling like you’re going to disintegrate if you don’t get a burrito in your belly in 5 seconds. Keep in mind, you will have enough time throughout the day to come back to your campsite and regroup. This is the perfect time to fire up the BBQ and hang out in your shaded oasis. Also — caffeine! Start your day off right with an ice cold coffee. Station Cold Brew will not only be at WayHome this summer, but their concentrated cold brew should be on every coffee-lover’s festival essentials list.



While the enthusiastic Indie88 Street Team will happily hang out with you while you charge your phone at our charging stations, there’s nothing more comforting than having your own portable charger. These are such hot commodities, you’ll want to keep it on the down low!


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