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Wayhome Music Festival Secret Reveal Tonight


Top left could be Brandon Flowers! Phoenicopterus = Flamingo (which is the name of his 2010 album)

Top Right could be Tegan & Sara & Then A.M. = their song “Morning Comes”

Bottom Left could be Tobias Jesso Jr. since the text translates in Korean to the name of his song “How Could You Babe”

Bottom right is definitely The Tragically Hip. MC & TML & 1951? Bill Barilko anyone? So fun!

Once the password is entered, you get the following image – possible 4 new bands! Can you figure it out?
Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.29.06 PM

Here is the tweet from 11:11 – Turns out the key is “pluto”.

——original post——-

Just when you thought the excitement had plateaued, the anticipation for WayHome Music Festival continues to grow. It looks like we are in store for a major announcement tonight from the folks at Ontario’s newest camping music & arts fest.

If you checked Twitter or Instagram this morning, you may have scrolled past a cryptic image from the festival:

This isn’t the first puzzle from WayHome. Before the festival was announced earlier this year, a similar message was posted all around Toronto, when decoded was an invitation to the Great Hall where the festival lineup was teased.

This time around the image contains a message in morse code, which the digital team here at Indie88 was able to translate to a secret URL hidden on their website – wayhome.com/two – which leads you to a password-protected page. Keep your eyes open at 11:11 tonight as the password will be revealed, as will this mysterious #WayHomeTwo announcement.

The obvious question remains -, what does this all mean? Could it be more dates added? More artists? Or maybe it will reveal the true ending to Inception. Stay tuned to Indie88 to find out more.

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