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WayHome Teases Four New Lineup Additions


Yesterday at 2:22pm WayHome released another pair of clues. According to the almighty internet, the one on the left seems to allude to Robert Wadlow who was the tallest man on record at 8’11” … Tallest Man on Earth anyone? As for the right image, some people are guessing it’s funk band Lettuce (iceberg lettuce… get it?). What do YOU think?


–April 17, 2015–
Last night the WayHome Festival teased four new bands in an elaborate set of cryptic clues, including morse code and graphic puzzles on their “secret” webpage wayhome.com/two. After dropping a visual clue for the password to the website at 11:11am, fans who figured it out were met with four images that seemingly represent four new artists added to the lineup (see image above).

We did our best sleuthing and came up with our own version of the four bands added to the roster. The first image appears to be Brandon Flowers. Why you ask? Well if you look at the letters, they form the word “Phoenicopterus”, which means Flamingo – also the name of Flower’s 2010 album.

We figure the top right image is Tegan & Sara. The clue “& Then A.M.” could very easily translate to their song title “Morning Comes”.

We think that the bottom left image is Tobias Jesso Jr.. The cryptic text translates in Korean to the name of his song “How Could You Babe”.

The bottom right is definitely The Tragically Hip. MC (Montreal Canadians), TML (Toronto Maple Leafs) 4 and 1 represent the score in the Stanley Cup series between the two teams in 1951. The game winning goal in that series was scored by Bill Barilko. Does that name ring a bell? It should.

Check out the rest of the lineup (so far) here!

Here is the tweet from 11:11 – The password is “pluto”.


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