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We Are Wolves’ Alex Ortiz shares video for solo single as Rip Pop Mutant ‘Et Si Jamais’

We Are Wolves’ Alex Ortiz has began a new solo project called Rip Pop Mutant. Today (May 16th), he’s shared a video for his track “Et Si Jamais.”

The track comes from the debut Rip Pop Mutant album, Fluxus Pop, out now via Simone Records. Directed by world renowned digital artist Scorpion Dagger, the accompanying video comes packed with captivating animated characters.

“Over the last couple of years I’ve definitely given a lot of thought as to whether we, as a species, are simply doomed to the whims of our leaders who don’t inspire any hope whatsoever,” Kerr explains of the Rip Pop Mutant video. “On that bright note, when it came to planning out the animation for the video, I wanted to explore whether if we had another chance at paradise, would we still succumb to our worst traits? As in, were we simply doomed from the beginning? To be completely honest, I still hold out hope for humanity, and have no doubt when push comes to shove, we can (and have) achieved great things. Maybe I’m just a little impatient, but is that a bad thing?”

Watch the video for “Et Si Jamais” below.

Mastered by Oliver Ackermann, Fluxus Pop was made from scratch alongside Adrian Popvich.

Rip Pop Mutant is hosting an album launch party at Hoy Gallery in Montreal on May 31st. Alongside a live performance, it will feature an exhibit of Ortiz’s art and paintings. That exhibit will run through from May 31st to June 2nd.

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