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Weezer announce forthcoming album ‘OK Human’ drops next week

Weezer have been teasing a pair of new albums: Van Weezer, of which we’ve received “The End Game,” “Hero,” and “Beginning Of The End,” and OK Human.

While Van Weezer was the first of the two to get a release date, Rivers Cuomo and co. have just announced that OK Human will arrive first – as in, next week. No need to fear, Van Weezer will still drop on May 7th.

An online teaser campaign was released today, and it had Weezer fans completing captchas and converting binary code into text to discover that OK Human drops on January 29th. Additionally, the opening track and lead single “All My Favorite Songs” will arrive ahead of the album on Thursday.

Check out the tracklist for OK Human below.

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