Weezer Announces LP Release Date

Weezer announces via video the release date of "EWBAITE."

Coming to you (as promised) via video clip, Weezer has announced that Everything Will Be Alright In The End can be expected to hit shelves late September. For the exact date, you’ll need to watch the clip down below.

Did you catch that other bit too? It seems as if Weezer is teasing with not one, but two different song clips in this video. One, a slower anthem complete with harmonizing guitars, and the other offers a huge build-up to a faster pop song.

And if you’re digging the album artwork revealed in their last video, check this out: the artist’s name is Chris McMahon, the artwork is actually called “Mountain Monster” and was created by painting this monster over a painting he picked up at a yard-sale. See more of his work here.