Weezer invite fan that sang ‘Island in the Sun’ during brain surgery to join them on stage

'I can't control my brain'

Weezer invited young fan Kira Iaconetti to one of their upcoming 2019 shows after a video of her singing “Island in the Sun” during brain surgery went viral.

The 19-year-old fan, who is an aspiring musician, was diagnosed with a type of epilepsy that triggered seizures when she listened to or performed music. Doctors realized that Iaconetti could be treated for her condition if they performed an awake craniotomy where she was put under anesthesia, but stayed awake during to sing so that doctors could see which part of her brain was being used when she sang.

A video of Iaconetti singing during her surgery has since gone viral, and she chose to sing Weezer’s “Island in the Sun” because it reminded her of Hawaii, where she was born, and because it says “I can’t control my brain.”

The surgery ended up being a success, and according to the Seattle Children’s Hospital, the fan was playing guitar and singing in her bed just 48 hours after the operation.

After her story had been published, Weezer reached out to Iaconetti and invited her to join them at one of their shows next spring.