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15 Weird Haircut Styles To Remind You That There Are Literally No Rules

15 Weird Haircut Styles That Will Remind You That There Are Literally No Rules 

All the possibilities in life can make thingy hard sometimes. There are no limits at all to what you can do, where you can go, and who you can help. Problem is, this wide-open option situation can make it super hard to make a decision. Enter: weird haircuts.

The problem with haircuts is similar to the problem with life: you can do anything in the whole world. That’s the paradox of options, right? The sheer volume of options makes it hard to take any one of them.

So it goes with funny hairstyles and weird haircuts. There are just so many creative options out there, how do you choose?

Let’s explore some funny haircuts so you can have some photo inspiration to take to your hairdresser for your next appointment.

  1. The oblong leopard style

Also known as “space hair”, this style epitomizes unconventional people out there living their best life. Note the subtly different colours in the oblong spots, and the darkness at the front which helps the bearer of the leopard hair camouflage with normal people.

weird haircuts
Image: @hairatbs on Instagram

2. Ombre curls

This dreamy cut optimizes those gorgeous curls with a super feminine, fruit-inspired colour that blends from red into orange. It could also be called “fire hair”.

weird haircuts
Image: @__stylesbysteph__ on Instagram

3. Oscar the Grouch hair

Now that I look at it, there’s something up with this chick’s eyes too… some kind of creepy contacts. Anyways, this hair is perfect if you want to be Oscar the Grouch for Halloween.

Image: @katicutsandcolors on Instagram

4. Pebbles? Or BamBam?

Extra points for the radiant smile. This dual-toned hair complete with bone barrettes would be perfect for a cosplay party!

Image:@rockagal on Instagram

4. Weed hairdo

I love the wispy green strands gently kissing the forehead. And the shirt? A perfect match.

weird haircuts
Image: @insalonsara on Instagram

5. Cousin It at a rave

I’m still trying to wrap my head (haha) around whether that’s the front of her or the back. All signs point to the front, but… how does she see? It looks kinda weird and I like it.

weird haircuts
Image: @blyrecpanx on Instagram

6. Classic bowl-cut

The matching earrings are everything in weird haircuts. Not only do they match the colour of the hair, but they also follow the same angle (ish). Well done.

weird haircuts
Image: @elevatehair on Instagram

7. Right Meow

This looks like one of the characters in Supertroopers. But in a hairstyle.

weird haircuts
Image: @myfashionstate_ on Instagram

8. Pineapple hair

You lose a lot of expression in your face when you’re wearing a mask. An easy way to make amends is to express yourself through your hair. Like this.

weird haircuts
Image: @superbeauty_ on Instagram

9. Tomato hair

Also known as “Japanese Ripe Tomato Hair”, this cutting-edge hairstyle requires cutting a lot of edges. With a perfect green sprout coming out the top, this look is ripe for the picking.

weird haircuts
Image: @pmtsdallas on Instagram

10. The “Up” hairstyle

Why wouldn’t you attach helium balloons to your dreadlocks and walk through the city streets?

weird haircuts
Image: @weirdhaircuts on Instagram

11. Gecko head

This is art as far as weird haircuts go. And the best part is the serious expression on the guy’s face in this photo. Can you blame him? I mean… look at the fingers of the gecko claw-things. They’re even slightly flared at the ends. Super realistic; whoever did this design was taking it seriously and we love that.

weird haircuts
Image: @dcmarvel_entertainment on Instagram

12. Forehead moustache

Somewhat similar to the horse moustache and the double moustache, the forehead moustache is like a moustache crossed with bangs and made greasy.

weird hairstyles
Image: @petasimonehairdressing on Instagram

13. Bear hair

Again, extra points for the serious expression on her face. Complete with gloss and even detailed nostrils, this cut and style is like a sculpture on her head. Nice.

weird haircuts
Image: @lisavonweise on Instagram

14. Flaming mullet

Speaking of weird haircuts, how does this chick still manage to look so cute with this hairstyle? I think it’s the whole aesthetic of piercings, scraggly ends, and brown pout. It all goes together like mullets and white people.

weird haircuts
Image: @tarynlynxhair on Instagram

15. Spider-do

They even braided the legs in creepy, tapered braids. I love it. Perfect for Halloween or really any day of the year, this weird haircut is saving the best for last.

weird haircuts

Don’t forget to reference this post when you go to your hairstylist for a fresh look.


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