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Weird Nightmare | Indie88 Live Sessions

Weird Nightmare is the debut solo project from METZ frontman Alex Edkins. He released his first album under the new moniker earlier this year on Sub Pop Records.
While Edkins recorded most of the album during the pandemic, some of the tracks’ demos date back to 2013. “I had always planned on finishing these songs,” says Edkins. “Being unable to tour with METZ, and forced to lock down, really gave me a push… The hours would disappear and I would get lost in the music and record. It was a beautiful escape. ”
Weird Nightmare maintains the signature explosive sound of METZ, with a focus on catchy hooks and melody.

“Searching For You”

“Hooks and melody have always been a big part of my writing, but they really became the main focus this time” says Edkins. “It was about doing what felt natural.” 
“I found myself doing new things I didn’t have the guts to do before, recording everything by myself and trusting all of my musical instincts,” he states. I think when music manifests quickly, a certain amount of honesty automatically comes along with it. When it is a purely instinctual creation, there is no opportunity to obscure the truth.”


The band shared a special live performance of “Searching For You” and “Lusitania” for Indie88.



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