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18 Weird Shoes That Will Confirm Mankind Has Finally Gone Too Far

18 Weird Shoes That Will Confirm Mankind Has Finally Gone Too Far 

These weird shoes will have you marvelling at the sheer creativity of some people. It’s incredible, really, what some people have turned into art… and preposterous creation.

Then, some of the weirdest shoes are not art, and are actually available for mass consumption. These weird shoes are random and oftentimes totally hideous.

You’ll see. Let’s take the next weird step together while I provide you with witty banter about each of these funny shoes.

1. Literally @Ugly_Sneakers on Instagram

I guess these have a place somewhere. They’re very… alien space athlete.

weird shoes
Image: @adampasztor on Instagram

2. What the…?

These are actually pretty freaking cool. They’re puzzling, to say the least. However, you’d have a lot of people with perplexed looks on their faces starting at your feet, that’s for sure.

weird shoes
Image: @iguaneye on Instagram

3. Some kind of socks n’ sandals…

…Except with these strange, animal print shoes the socks seem to be built in. Because of this, these weird shoes look playful and also puzzling at the same time.

P.S. Are those animal toes printed onto the base of the shoes? Just wow.


weird shoes
Image: @rok1stock1 on Instagram

4. Quack?

Not sure why these remind me of a duck. The flat bill on the front, perhaps? Is that a thing? Do ducks have that cleft in their beak, or did I have a weird shoes dream?

weird shoes
Image: @adadawang_ on Instagram

5. In defence of goldfish

How are these little dudes supposed to get by like this? I object to the inevitable and unquestionable harm done to these goldfish. However, they make for a good picture.

6. Dog vs Dinosaur

These dachshund heels are only out-cheesed by the dinosaur Docs. At least that’s what I think they are.

Image:@ktgeraghty on Instagram

7. Least comfortable shoes ever

These weird shoes really take a stand for patent red. I can’t even imagine how bad these are for your knees. However, they sure look dramatic!

weird shoes
Image: @madoriedarling on Instagram

8. Pickle shoes

Yes, I know. That’s an original name, you say. I thought it only prudent to come up with something unique for these briney shoes.

weird shoes
Image: @unrefinedshuga on Instagram

9. These are actually super cool

In addition to being weird shoes, these are also really cool shoes. Look at the intricacy of the spiders. That would look like they’re crawling up your ankle. Hot.

weird shoes
Image: @ b4748.branding.design on Instagram

10. Glowing shoe

See? As far as weird shoes go, these are the ones I would consider art. They installed a lightbulb in this shoe! Or at least that’s what it looks like. Reminds me of some of these zany tattoos. 

weird shoes
Image: @b4748.branding.design on Instagram

11. Pokemon special

Oh hi! You can not only represent this game/cartoon/whatever it is, but you can also play it from your shoe. Another key point: You’re instantly tall.

weird shoes
Image: @littlefoxgloves on Instagram

12. Cake shoe

Campy as all heck, I really appreciate the standard issue sock and leg hair complete with thin ankle in this picture. After all, how could you further demonstrate the perfect type of person to craft a shoe like this?

weird shoes
Image: @onlyyoucanchoose on Instagram

13. Lady in red

How seductive! How creative! These weird shoes are pretty neat!

weird shoes
Image:@kedem.omer.k.o on Instagram

14. Burger shoe

The brand on these says Adidas. I wonder if Adidas would actually partake in such a shoe.

weird shoes
Image: @diaryofabpdkid on Instagram

15. Football heels

Why not combine two of the least comfortable shoes into one super uncomfortable shoe? Because of this, you can’t really find this shoe in real life. Can you?

weird shoes
Image: @awful_sneakers on Instagram

16. Dainty

I know these are weird shoes, but I kinda like them. I just feel like they would slip off if she was actually walking down that stair.

weird shoes
Image: @iguaneye on Instagram

17. I mean hideous, but…

These weird shoes look like they were fashioned in the 1600s. There’s something to them that I like. Above all, very cobbler-y.

weird shoes
Image: @lostfoundartny on Instagram


18. Hey can you hold my heel?

Extra points for the bling on the finger. Plus, the person wearing these makes it look like they’re on a red carpet. All things considered, instant credibility for this Addam’s Family special.

Image: @coco.leben on Instagram

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