What Ever Happened To Gotye?

The mystery of Gotye needs to be solved

I heard “Somebody That I Used To Know” the other day and I thought “what happened to that guy?”, he kind of just disappeared. He toured his Making Mirrors record pretty extensively, he even had a huge show at the Molson Amp. But since then we haven’t heard anything from him. He “apparently” played his first show since 2012 on August 1st in Texas, but I wasn’t there so how can I really believe this is true.

I reached out to him via Twitter but did not receive a response.

We need to know what happened this this Grammy award winning man and if he’s okay. Please use the #FindGotye2014 and share this photo. Stop at nothing, help me find Gotye. If you happen to hear from him, please tell him to give me a call, thank you.