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What Is The Cutest Dinosaur (Spoiler Alert: We Couldn’t Decide)

Not All Dinosaurs Were Fearsome Killers

It’s easy to think of dinosaurs as the drooling, sharp-toothed killers from Jurassic Park… but what about the cutest dinosaur of them all? Which one would win?

cutest dinosaur
Image: @kaiju9143 on Instagram

Most of us don’t even think of dinosaurs as cute. However, if you do think of it, there were baby dinosaurs just like there are baby spiders and baby serial killers. Just because something is scary doesn’t mean it can’t also have been cute at some point.

Let’s check out some cute dinos!

What Is The Cutest Dinosaur? Our Top 8 Picks

#1) Chaoyangsaurus

cutest dinosaur
Image: @preistoria_e_affini on Instagram

For obvious reasons, we’re short on actual photographs of dinosaurs. In fact, it’s even harder to find actual photographs of dinosaur babies so these artist renderings will have to do.

Isn’t this lil Chaoyangsaurus adorbs? I like the chubby tail.

#2) Mei

The Mei dinosaur (which is Chinese for “sound asleep”) has only one known fossil specimen that was found in China.

The reason for its name is that it was found curled up in a ball with its tail tucked around its body and its head resting on its arm. So basically the cutest dinosaur fossil in the history of ever.

#3) Limusaurus

the cutest dinosaur
Image: @ildarotyrannus on Instagram

The Limusaurus is an easy shoe-in for cutest dinosaur because it has no teeth. I don’t know about you, but I find it easier to see something as “cute” when it can’t eat me alive or at least chew my ankle to the bone.

These little dudes were about the same height as a human – around 5.5 feet. They were light though – weighing in around 33 pounds. Here’s the fascinating tidbit: they had teeth as babies but lost them in adulthood. Because of this, baby Limusauruses may have eaten meat as babies and evolved into herbivores as adults.

#4) Gigantoraptor

the cutest dinosaur
Image: @dino_realm on Instagram

One of the biggest feathered dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era, the Gigantoraptor wasn’t technically a true raptor. Further, its cuteness factor is up for interpretation, and totally depends on the imagination.

For example, Gigantoraptor may have been covered with feathers, but it also may have had sharp, abrasive bristles covering its body. Hard to say. I think what’s cutest about this dinosaur is that those wings. What the heck is the point? Aww.

#5) Unaysaurus

cutest dinosaur
Image: @only_dinosaurs on Instagram

This adorable dinosaur was around eight feet long and 200 pounds. Known to be gentle and agreeable (not sure how they establish these things), the Unaysaurus isn’t super cute to look at. However, it was included on the list based on its personality merits.

#6) Aquilops

the cutest dinosaur
Image: @lauren_riley_cartoons on Instagram

I had no idea there was a dinosaur the size of a cat!

I guess I’ve never really thought much about it, but that definitely increases the Aquilops’ cuteness factor. This dinosaur of the Early Cretaceous era is named after an eagle. Aquilops means “eagle-faced”, and its face also helped scientists understand the family of dinosaurs like the Triceratops.

#7) Baby Stegosaurus

the cutest dinosaur
Image:@jurassic_park_fox36 on Instagram

Seeing this baby Stegosaurus with its mom makes it that much cuter. If I were ever to have a cute pet dinosaur, I’d probably choose the Stegosaurus. Ever since The Land Before Time, they’ve always just… resonated.

#8) Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex

cutest dinosaur
Image: @loliofhorror on Instagram

This baby Tyrannosaurus Rex makes the relationship between birds and dinosaurs quite clear. Researchers have managed to learn that these cute baby dinosaurs had a mortality rate of 60% during their first year of life because they were so vulnerable.

It’s kind of motivating, hey? Start out weak, soft, and small, and grow into one of the most fierce and famous animals in history.

Oh, and quick interesting fact: In their growth spurt phase (morphing from tiny bird into scary animal with small arms) the Tyrannosaurus Rex gained three kilograms of body weight every day!

Them some gains.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of adorable dinosaurs! If you’re inclined to get your kids more into dinosaurs, check out this crazy-cool puppet. It’s kinda creepy but super cool too.

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