What To Eat at the CNE

From bug dogs to deep-fried Doritos

If you’ve ever been in the CNE’s food building you know how outrageous some of the Ex’s meals can be. This year’s no exception — whether eating bugs strikes your fancy or you just want as much deep-fried goodness as possible, you’ll be able to find it at this year’s CNE.

Among the food building’s offerings include “Sugar Mountain,” a massive dessert item offered by Cake Shack that has pretty much all of your favourite sweets in one spot.

“Sugar Mountain is made up of a brownie square, which is a double-chocolate walnut brownie,” describes Sugar Shack manager Krystal. “And then you get a scoop of no-bake cheesecake right on top of that, drizzled with a bunch of jolly rancher bits. We got a sugar cone that has a mountain peak to it, a little donut cloud which is basically white chocolate with sprinkles. And then we finish it off with cotton candy fog, blue and pink, [and] some powdered sugar snow.”

If a sugar overload isn’t enough for you, Eative has a “Dragon’s Breath Crepe,” perfect for those currently on the Game of Thrones binge. With Dragon’s Breath Crepe, a crepe is dipped in liquid nitrogen, giving it that smokey effect. When you eat it, the nitrogen comes out of your nose when you breath out, hence the “dragon’s breath.”

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Also at the Food Building is Bug Bistro’s “Bug Dog,” for those looking for some extra protein in their hotdog. The Bug Dog features a hotdog made with bug meat, as well as bug sprinkles on top.

Bacon Nation’s “Red Hot Burger” offers burger buns made with Frank’s RedHot Sauce, for an extra spicey burger experience. Finish it off with Farm to Fryer’s “Cheese Stuffed Doritos,” which is literally deep fried Doritos stuff with cheese, and you’ve got yourself a wholesome meal experience.