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What we know about Dufferin Starship, the band that formed on Bunz

A lot of new music finds its way into the Indie88.com office, but sometimes we stumble across something truly unique. The origin of Dufferin Starship is certainly unique.

This collection of indie rock artists met each other trading gear on Bunz Trading Zone. “I Would Trade Anything for Love” is the first single from the Toronto band’s upcoming first EP Not In Service, and it’s all in the name of charity.


We reached out to Dufferin Starship through Bunz to find out more about this mysterious release. Bobby Dalrymple and James O’Brien met in Parkdale to swap an Orange Stratocaster in exchange for a new set of bike wheels before a case of traders’ remorse led to the duo laying the foundation for a new band.

“I plugged it in to see if it worked and instantly I knew Bobby was bummed out for letting it go. So I said hey man come back and borrow it anytime; that’s kind of how all it started,” O’Brien told Indie88.

Dalrymple and O’Brien enlisted the help of friends Tyler and John and made their way to Queen Street and via the Dufferin Bus to a Geary Road jam space and Dufferin Starship was born.

“We first played together in a small room, there was wall-to-wall amplifiers and a space for the door and that was it. Literally, it was everyone looking at each other – figuring out what shall we play. Then the whole room exploded,” Dalrymple said.

Not in Service was produced by B. Knox and is a break of sorts from the guys’ others projects. It’s very much a community-oriented record with much of the music referncing trading. All proceeds from the EP will go to the Parkdale food bank. The single is currently available on iTunes.

Listen to “I Would Trade Anything for Love”:

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