What Your Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day

...or maybe it's just me?

This weekend is Father’s Day and if you’re stuck on what to do for your Dad I can offer you some sage advice as I’m a real, live Dad. Before you go any further let me tell you what your Pops REALLY wants for his big day in the sun. Here are the things your Dad wants but doesn’t have the heart to tell you:

1. Some damn peace and quiet. Dads listen to endless amounts of whining and belly-aching and what Dad really wants is some time to himself. To connect with the person he was before the reality of helping to support a family changed his entire world. He loves you, but give the man a bit of time doing what HE wants to be doing on his big day. pic1  

2. An effort. Your Dad probably doesn’t care about extravagant gifts as most Dads realize that Father’s Day is less about presents and more about a small acknowledgement about what they do for you and your family. It can be a hug and a “thanks, Dad” or a nice dinner out but rest assured, both carry value to your Old Man.

3. If you insist on getting your Dad something then skip the joke gifts. No more shitty ties or books of golf jokes or novelty toilet paper. Get Dad something he’ll use. Does your Dad like to have a drink from time to time? Get him a nice bourbon or scotch. Does he like fishing and hanging out with his old pals? Maybe a box of cigars. These are not important to Dad but when he pours a drink or shares a cigar around a campfire he’ll think of you. pic3  

4. To see you and/or hear your voice on Father’s Day. No Emails. No texts. This man has sacrificed a lot for you, the least you can do is pause your little “busy life” for 5 minutes to speak to him. Dad may be quiet and sparse with grand emotions or gestures but he loves you and wishes you would call more. Always remember; being a Dad is hard work, just like being a Mom. If you’re a good Dad sometimes you make it look effortless in an effort to never let your family see you sweat, which is why we tend to overlook Dad’s contribution. Your Dad was once a young person just like you, look at the world through his eyes and you will gain his unique perspective. Now get off my damn lawn, you punks!!!!!!