What Your Dating Website Says About You

Prepare to be judged.

Chances are, if you’re not already in love, you’re doing everything in your power to find it. Sure, everyone says, “it’ll happen when you least expect it,” but with thousands of dating sites at our disposal, it’s hard to sit back and not do anything.

Little did you know, not all dating sites are equal – your choice of platform says something about you. Check it out below:
TINDER: You’re fairly young and interested in one thing: looks. No matter how many times you stress “not here for hookups” in your bio, that’s exactly what this is about. If you’re truly looking for your soulmate on Tinder, you might want to think again because this might be the wrong avenue for you.


PLENTY OF FISH: This is like Tinder for the old-schoolers. You’re looking for a little more commitment than someone who merely “swipes” left or right, but you’re also not ready for a big ol’ ball and chain just yet. This is for the person looking for a slower, slightly deeper version of Tinder.


OKCUPID: You’re not afraid to take risks! You’ve sorted through a plethora of genius first liners like “How do you like your eggs in the morning? Scrambled or fertilized?” and “I love to eat sashimi, but I’d rather eat sashi-you.” And, somehow, you found a decent enough person who entertained your pickup lines and agreed to meet you.


eHARMONY: You’ve tried every other dating site at this point, this is your last option. You want to settle down and get married so unbelievably bad, so this means no more wasting time. Also, your parents have probably threatened to kick you out of the house mentioned the whole marriage thing to you multiple times. “The commercials say they’re the best, they can’t be lying!” Hint, hint.


QUEST: Okay, this isn’t exactly a website, but you’re not off the hook yet. Who uses their phone to actually talk to people? If you’re that into hearing someone’s voice, buck up and head into the real world.


ASHLEY MADISON: You are in a committed relationship and, instead of just breaking it off to do your own thing, you’d rather skulk around and try to cheat. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? No judgement, though.


FARMERS ONLY: This is a real site, and this is your end goal: