What’s On Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Playlist?

Looks like the Prime Minister is into brooding folk

During the federal election campaign, The Toronto Star asked each candidate for their personal playlist, and our new Prime Minister’s broody selections was amongst those.

His choices include another Montreal boy, Adam Cohen (son of Leonard); culturally diverse, anthemic jams from K’naan; celebrated Quebecois artist Pierre Lapointe, and one selection that is quite reflective of a leader that’s directly in touch with the pulse of today’s youthful, brooding hearts in Reuben Bullock.

Let’s not overlook the beauty of the Walter Mitty soundtrack that features folk from José González and stripped-down offerings by Toronto’s own Bahamas and The Weather Station that scores an outrageously underrated film by Ben Stiller.

One thing is for sure. PMJT is one chill dude.

We’ll leave these here for over-analyzation and interpretation.

Reuben and the Dark – “Funeral Sky”


Adam Cohen – “Like a Man”


K’naan – “Wavin’ Flag”


Pierre Lapointe – “La Forêt des mal-aimés”


“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” soundtrack