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How Many Wheels Are In The World? The Internet Has a New Weird Obsession

It All Started With A Simple, Friendly Debate…

Wheels vs doors. If you’re thinking that this sounds like the dumbest comparison in the world, you’re not alone. And yet… the internet has made it a thing. “How many wheels are in the world” is a new consideration and it only gets stranger from here.

In March, 2022, some guy named Ryan Nixon, who only has like 1,500 followers on Twitter, started a poll and ended up receiving nearly 225K votes. Apparently he and his mates were sitting around, debating pointless, meaningless things. Because of this, they came up with the question: Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world?

The answer may surprise you. Although it was close, the people have spoken. 53.6% of poll respondents said “wheels” for the win. The rest chose doors.

Are There More Wheels Than Doors In The World?

how many wheels are in the world
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Right, so this is now actually an area of study for whichever kinds of social scientists have the time for such things. They’ve literally broken it down in ways I can’t even wrap my head around.

My guess, had I taken the poll, would have been wheels just because there are usually at least two if not four wheels in most situations. Right?

If you didn’t already know the answer, what would your guess have been?

The Internet Did It’s Thing And Latched On BIG Time

how many wheels are in the world
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You won’t believe the research that stemmed from this random question from a random fellow. For example: Yes, it’s normal to think that there are more wheels than doors just because most wheels don’t stand alone. The principles of exponential growth suggest that by this logic, there would be more wheels than doors.

But get this: Most of the cars sold in the world also have four doors. So you’d think that they have the same number of doors as wheels. Here’s where it gets mind-blowing.

Most cars do have the same number of doors and tires, however wheels are a different story. There’s the steering wheel, which is obvious. Then you open the hood. Wheels everywhere! They run the engine and the belts and the transmission-y things that make cars operate on their tires.

The internet (as if it’s one collective force) then went so far as to consider toy wheels. Think LEGOS, Tonka trucks, and Razor scooters. Hot Wheels alone has sold more than six billion cars, which equates to over 24 billion wheels. Tonka has sold 15 million pieces of the iconic Mighty Dump Truck alone. That adds 60 million more wheels to answer the question how many wheels are in the world.

Yes, we could go on. But we won’t.

So, How Many Wheels Are In The World (Is It Possible To Know)?

how many wheels are in the world
Image: @rainbowpolly_ on Instagram

The first wheel was invented around 3,500 BCE, and numbers have been rolling forward ever since (groan). We’re obviously making more wheels all the time, but we’re also making more doors all the time.

So, how many wheels are in the world? Is it even possible to figure this out? Car companies produced around 153K passenger cars in 2020. But then, as discussed you need to factor in Hot Wheels. And bikes, shopping carts, airplanes, office chairs, and all the other consumer products that have wheels. 

Where does it end? The answer is: it just doesn’t.

How Many Doors Are There In The World?

how many wheels are in the world
Image: @tkfarchitects on Instagram

I can’t believe we’re actually asking this question. Anyways… the numbers started out with English statistics (given the use of “mates” we can assume Mr. Nixon is English), and quickly spread to worldwide stats.

Without getting too deep into it, experts (?) estimate that there are 33 billion doors in the world. Remember, you have to factor in houses, apartments, cabinets, closets, vehicles, etc. That’s a lot of doors.

Confused? Don’t Worry, It’s All Nonsense (But Here’s Our Take Anyways) 

In summary, adding up the sales of every toy car company is a task far too large for this article. And that would only get us started in answering the question “how many wheels are in the world?”.

No matter how you look at it – while maybe more interesting than originally anticipated – the door vs wheel debate is ridiculous and can really only cause pointless arguments.

Lots of doors. Lots of wheels. Are there more wheels than doors in the world? We’ll never know.

End of story? We hope so.

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