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When The Show Must Not Go On: Silly Reasons for Cancelled Gigs

Dave Grohl leveled up his rock star status last week when he played through the pain and continued a concert sitting down after breaking his leg falling off the stage. Here are 5 artists who did the exact opposite, cancelling concerts for incredibly lame reasons.

KINGS OF LEON cancelled one of their shows in St. Louis in 2010 before they got three songs in because the rafters of the stage were infested by pigeons and they were getting hit by droppings. Their bassist took one on the cheek near his mouth and the band thought it was too unsanitary to continue.


NEIL YOUNG had to cancel an entire tour in 1997 after he sliced his index finger while cutting his ham sandwich in half. He said he would have eaten it in one piece if he’d know cutting it would jeopardize his tour.


MORRISEY is a devout and vocal vegetarian and requires any venue he plays to be vegetarian for the night. He cancelled a show in Iceland because they wouldn’t cave to his demands…“I love Iceland and I have waited a long time to return, but I shall leave the Harpa Concert Hall to their cannibalistic flesh-eating bloodlust”. Morrissey also cancelled a show in Germany in the 90s after he learned the venue was a converted slaughterhouse, and one time he walked off stage at Coachella 10 minutes into a set because he could smell meat cooking.

Last year Morrissey also cancelled five shows after catching what he called a “horrendous cold” and blamed his opening act for getting him sick. She was having none of that and said she was sick with an allergy attack, not a contagious cold.


I have been told food poisoning is a terrible ordeal, but JUSTIN BIEBER cancelled a show in Beunos Aries half way through after saying “I’m not feeling good, I think I’m out of energy”. In a later statement they said he had food poisoning.


KANYE WEST is famous for his diva-like behavior and has cancelled a show in Vancouver because part of his set didn’t show up and the gear was supposedly an integral part of his creative vision. One of the most unusual reasons though was when he canceled a gig five hours before show time because of “unforeseen circumstances”. Hours later the news broke that he had proposed to Kim Kardashian.

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