Where To Adopt Pets in Toronto

Furry creatures that need homes!

If you’ve been dreaming of looking after a scruffy little friend, Toronto is full of animal adoption services. Whether you’re after a dog, cat, or alternative option these creatures are all in hopes of receiving a happy home. You could look for a breeder, but why would you when there are already so many sweet pets out there in need of rescue?

For all you need to know on where to adopt in Toronto, check out our list of shelters below!



The pets at Paws will always have a home! For 35 years Paws has been an organization located in Scarborough with a strict no-kill policy, the place is full of animals that are in need of a forever home.


Coveted Canines

Aria | 4 years old | Female | Collie mix | 55 lbs | Toronto Shelter Dog Temperament: terrified, timid, sweet and affectionate. Activity level: low inside the house (very very chill) – just sleeps – but LOVES to walk with her humans and can walk and hike for hours. Vetting: heartworm negative, 4dx negative, fecal negative, microchipped, vaccinated (core vaccines), spayed, dewormed, on flea/tick/heartworm prevention. Has a root canal booked for one of her teeth at the end of June at VEC with a specialist (fee covered by the amazing TAS!). Housebroken: yes! Good with dogs: yes! When introduced properly. Good with cats: not tested. Prey drive: none seen. Good with children: older dog savvy kids that can’t get knocked over when playing with Aria. Please note that Aria LOVES KIDS!!!!!! And LOVES TO PLAY WITH THEM! A whole different side of Aria comes out when in the presence of kids and she feels much more comfortable around them then with adults. *Please note- Aria also seems more comfortable around men than women. Separation anxiety: none observed. Zero barking and no destructive tendencies noted by foster parents. Resource guarding: none noted thus far except on the first day when she growled once with her foster dad when he tried to take a ball from her. Barky/noisy: barks at people walking past the house. Is an excellent guard doggie however very timid when strangers enter the premises. Leash Etiquette: terrified of being outside on busy streets with strangers around and unknown dogs. Aria has had zero exposure to everything and will take time to feel confident in new situations. Good with transit: anxious in cars and not tested on public transit. Shedder: yes! *Includes $500 insurance coverage for 6 weeks with Petsecure. *Bio may be altered as we get to know her more. *Full behavioural assessment available. Announcing our newest Toronto Shelter Dog up for adoption. Aria is as beautiful as an operatic melody and her story like many Opera’s will bring tears to your eyes. This girls “TAIL” rivals any “Poochini Opera” but will have a happy ending unlike many of our favourite heroins. Full bio & application details on Facebook and our website!

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Coveted Canines is an organization based in Toronto that focuses on dog rescues that are at high-risk of being euthanized and vulnerable to abuse. Their mission is to find happy, healthy and loving homes for their animals.


Toronto Cat Rescue

Who can resist sweet little Cujo?! This adorable purr machine is 11 weeks old and waiting for you at PetSmart Waterloo! Just look at those beautiful long whiskers! Cujo is a typical kitten – play hard, nap hard. He is super social and loves to be held, and starts purring when you snuggle him. Unless he wants to play, then he’s off playing with anything that comes across his path. Cujo loves other cats – if you already have a cat and are wondering if you should get a second one, consider Cujo! Kittens can be rambunctious, so a patient kitty friend is recommended. I’m not sure how he is with dogs, but he’s a kitten and most social kittens like dogs too. If you have a dog, bring him/her into the store to be sure! Don’t hesitate on this cutie pie, come in and adopt him today!

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Rather than stay in a shelter, the cats in this rescue start out in volunteer foster homes before they’re adopted by forever owners. Adopt or be a volunteer!


TEAM Dog Rescue

TEAM Dog Rescue‘s office is located in the Financial District of the city, and has a website that lists all of the available canines for adoption. In order to make sure you’re prepared for your new pal, this charity does home check-ups and phone interviews.


Toronto Animal Services

Meet Rocky the Rockstar, our latest #SecondChanceDog looking for his new family. Rocky is a two year old Boxer mix. Rocky came to us a little unruly with some anxiety, and frequently jumped on and mouthed his handler. With consistent routine and positive reinforcement, Rocky is learning to adjust to his environment and is becoming a more confident dog. We’re looking to find the best home we can for Rocky, an experienced family that can continue to provide consistency, boundaries and positive training methods. Rocky is an incredibly sweet dog that is worth getting to know. If you can give him a #secondchance, call us at 416-338-7297. Come meet our rockstar at PetSmart at 835 Eglinton Ave E this weekend. #adoptdontshop #shelterdog #rescuedog #dogs #dogsofinstagram #cute

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Toronto Animal Services doesn’t just look after wildlife in the city, they also run three shelters throughout Toronto – all of which you can visit and potentially adopt a new friend.


Petsmart Charities

Practically all of the Petsmart locations double as a PetSmart Adoption Centre, save a pal and reward them with treats!


Toronto Humane Society

We love when our adopters send us their #THSHappyTail! It’s been a month now since I adopted 2 year old Kiara (formerly Alaska) from the Toronto Humane Society and I’m so glad I did. Kiara was one of the cats from the hoarding situation, she’s a small girl and I was told she’s very nervous from not having human interaction and being under-socialized and may not open up to me. I looked at all the cats for well over an hour and just fell in love with her.. I knew she was perfect for me, she had a nervous first few days with hiding and hissing but she quickly turned around, she’s a very playful girl who loves all of her toys (she even has a favourite) and loves to sit in my lap or cuddle on the couch, shes very fond of her sister and she’s also very talkative and has a lot to say whenever someone speaks to her 🙂 we’ve had a great first month together and I can’t wait to make more memories with her. Thank you THS for bringing Kiara (KeKe) and I together. If you have a happy tail you'd like to share, please email happytails@torontohumanesociety.com

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This Corktown shelter has all kinds of animals that need a home. From cats and dogs to hamsters, turtles, and birds. Plan a trip, fill out a questionnaire, and find the right pet for you.


Etobicoke Humane Society

This shelter is run entirely by volunteers and hosts cats and canines, mostly who have had owners that can no longer care for them. You have the option to volunteer or adopt.