Where To Chop Down Your Own Christmas Tree

No fake plastic trees here

The debate of real vs. fake Christmas trees has gone on far too long. Real is better. It may be a little more messy, but the glorious smell makes up for a few extra hours of vacuuming. It’s not hard to find real Christmas trees in the city, but finding a spot where you can be a lumberjack and chop one down yourself is far superior. That is why we’ve compiled a list of GTA-ish locations where you can channel your inner woodsman and start hacking down your very own tree.


13953 Ninth Line, Stouffville, ON

This place is more than just a 100 acre tree farm. There’s tobogganing on a BYOT basis, wagon rides, playgrounds, bonfires and more. If you’re looking to make a full day out of your tree experience, this will be well worth the drive.


4060 Mountjoy Road, Blackstock, ON

What’s better than cutting down a Christmas tree with your loved ones? Cutting down a Christmas tree with your loved ones while sipping free hot chocolate and cider! Find a tree, chop it down and head to the gift shop to commemorate the big day.


6639 Wellington County Rd 34, Puslinch, ON

Not only is their name great, but Chickadee has been dishing out that fine pine for years. Forgot cash on your nature excursion? Don’t worry – they take debit!


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305 Watson St. E, Whitby, ON

In the off chance that you experience some performance anxiety when the time for the big chop arrives, Sobczak offers cut your own tree and pre-cut options. Not to mention, they offer free boughs (that’s the main branch of the tree, we Googled it).


Durham Rd. 20, Bowmanville, ON

Powell’s Trees’ website doesn’t offer an exact address, but they do offer 25 acres of Christmas wonder, so we’re assuming it must be pretty hard to miss. Get all your Christmas shopping done in one go with their assortment of Christmas crafts and bees wax candles. Thanks, mom!


1421 Prestonvale Rd, Courtice, ON

Prestonvale’s 60 acre farm is open everyday up to the big day. They also provide free shaking and baling, which, if you’ve ever been covered in a thin layer of pine needles-is not to be undervalued. Saws provided.

Image courtesy Randi Hausken via Flickr