Where to Find McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast in the GTA

No Toronto locations selected to serve all-day breakfast

While Toronto has been effectively shutout in McDonald’s test run of all-day breakfast at select Canadian locations, there are several franchises around the Greater Toronto Area that will be serving up Egg McMuffins during all business hours.

One Brampton location, two Mississauga stores, four in Whitby, and four in Ajax are serving all-day breakfast. Here’s a look at where to find the stores.

And here it is in ye olde classic list form.

10565 Bramalea Road, Brampton, ON
44 Bristol Road East, Mississauga, ON
2965 Eglinton Ave West, Mississauga, ON
200 Taunton Road East, Whitby, ON
1615 Dundas St. E, Whitby, ON
1301 Brock St. South, Whitby, ON
4100 Baldwin (Walmart), Whitby, ON
1951 Ravenscroft St. South, Ajax, ON
222 Bayly Street West, Ajax, ON
135 Kingston Road East, Ajax, ON
270 Kingston Road East RR1 (Walmart), Ajax, ON

Consider us disappointed that no downtown Toronto locations have been deemed worthy of all-day breakfast. It’s on you, the residents of Brampton, Mississauga, Whitby, and Ajax to prove that Ontario can meet the demand for these egg-citing menu choices.

Map via Global