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Where To Find The Best Biryani In Toronto

If you’re not familiar, biryani is a warm, incredibly flavourful, and totally addicting Indian rice dish. So now that you’re acquainted, it’s time to go on a tour of the best biryani in Toronto.

We hope you test out all of these options, and also check out this post on the best Indian food overall in Toronto!

Once you’ve done these things, you can decide for yourself which establishment you want to crown ‘the best biryani in Toronto’.

10 Places For The Best Biryani In Toronto

10. Utsav Indian Cuisine: 69 Yorkville Ave.

best biryani toronto
Image: @utsavyorkville on Instagram

Visit Utsav – a local’s favourite – for delicious biryani in a cosy setting. This busy establishment serves lunch and dinner, as well as takeout. F.Y.I., they refer to their biryani as the ‘quintessential’ rice dish.

In other words, they take great care in their biryani… which is why they’re on this list of the best biryani in Toronto.

9. Banjara Bloor: 796 Bloor St. W

best biryani toronto
Image: @platesofcraving on Instagram

Banjara Bloor is known for being affordable, delicious, and full of family spirit. From breads to biryanis, sizzlers and curries, the tastes in this authentic restaurant are unique and memorable. The biryani here is presented as a feature dish, and enjoys many raving reviews across the internet.

8. Silver Spoon: 4800 Sheppard Avenue East

best biryani toronto
Image: @nadfoods on Instagram

Silver Spoon takes biryani very seriously. They have five different types of the famous rice dish to choose from. However, the decisions are easy to make, and the value is excellent. You’ll get a solid serving of rice and delicious spice for a super reasonable price. Belongs among the best biryani in Toronto fosho.

7. Dum Pukht: 323 Denison Street, Markham

best biryani Toronto
Image: @deeredivine on Instagram

This Indian fine-dining spot on Denison is beautiful inside and offers a truly authentic experience. For instance, sealed clay pots help to deliver some of the most flavourful biryani you’ll ever taste. With slow cooking, perfect spicing, and an atmosphere that makes you feel right at home, you’ll want to make an evening out of Dum Pukht.

6. Suksi’s Biryani House: 15 Hayden Street, Toronto

best biryani in toronto
Image: Suksi’s website
Suksi’s is amazing. They celebrate the culinary art of Indian cooking, and their loyal clientele RAVE about the biryani. The biryani is famous for its spicing and simplicity. If you’re looking for Indian comfort food to satisfy you, above all, Suksi’s is the place.

5. Khau Gully: 1991 Yonge Street

best biryani toronto
Image: @thekhaugully on instagram

The search for authentic and super healthy Indian food in Toronto ends with Khau Gully. Loosely translated as “eating street”, Khau Gully serves wholesome and innovative biryani. In addition, they love serving gourmet clients, and take a lot of pride in their relaxed atmosphere. Legend has it the biryani is so delicious you’ll recall it for days!

4. Lahore Tikka House: 1365 Gerrard Street East

Lahore is one of the original halal establishments in the area. They serve authentic, delicious food in a lively, family-style restaurant. Only the very freshest ingredients go into their biryani. They urge their clients to sit back, relax, and enjoy the food that’s taken them time, love, and energy to prepare!

3. Bawarchi Biryanis: 1949 Kennedy Road, Mississauga

best biryani Toronto
Image: @dolphia.n.arnstein on Instagram

Bawarchi Biryanis and Indian Food is a delicious chain of restaurants that offer up delicious, aromatic Indian comfort food. The chefs take pride in bringing together aromatic spices for tantalizing pots of biryani. This is a place to experience true Indian flavour and hospitality in Mississauga.

2. Mantra: 2 O’Neil Road, The Shops at Don Mills

best biryani toronto
Image: @mantradonmills on Instagram

Mantra by Host gives a delightful take on modern Indian. This eatery features tapas specialty drinks, and… incredible biryani. An elegant project, the restaurant looks quite large, however it really only seats about 40 people. Their chicken biryani is served with a layer of fresh, steamy naan in a hot clay pot. Because of this, the flavours are delicious and the presentation is top-notch.

  1. Gasa Restaurant: 50 New Delhi Drive

best biryani in toronto

Open since 1992, this Sri Lankan strip mall spot offers some of the best biryani in Toronto. Served in styrofoam, their food is unapologetically simple. However, you will not regret trying this place. They have a secret biryani sauce that makes their different options mouthwatering. They also have really good prices, especially for the flavour and overall value.

We hope you enjoy the biryani adventure that’s available to you in Toronto! We’re so lucky to have access to so many iterations of this delectable dish.

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