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Where to find Toronto restaurants that use local ingredients

If you’re going to indulge in a tasty meal in Toronto, why not head to a restaurant that takes pride in using only the freshest local Ontario ingredients?

Luckily, Ontario has its Feast On® certification program, which recognizes businesses committed to sourcing Ontario grown and made food and drink. Toronto boasts so many delicious and varied restaurants featuring a variety of unbelievable meals cooked with local ingredients, so we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite Feast On® certified spots.

This Indie88 feature is presented with Brickworks Ciderhouse.

Thanks to their commitment to using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, Brickworks Ciderhouse has quickly become Ontario’s most popular craft cidery. Using only apples found within a 300km radius of Toronto, their cidermakers celebrate Ontario ingredients throughout their lineup.

This passion for local is reinforced through their Leslieville, Toronto restaurant, where they have committed to use Ontario ingredients whenever possible. As a Feast On® certified member, Brickworks is dedicated to helping develop Ontario’s culinary identity by championing local, seasonal ingredients in both their food and cider selection.

Check out the best Toronto restaurants that use local Ontario ingredients by neighbourhood below.


Brickworks Ciderhouse delivers a truly unique cider and culinary experience. Their seasonal menus are designed to celebrate local farmers and producers, pairing fresh, locally-sourced dishes with new, exclusive ciders alongside Brickworks’ classic cider lineup. Cidermakers Martha Lowry and Emily Gillard are constantly crafting new ciders on-site using fresh fruits, botanicals and spices from local partners including Black Creek Community Farm. The Brickworks Ciderhouse kitchen, led by Chef Dave Isen, offers up thoughtful, farmhouse-inspired dishes designed to pair perfectly with Brickworks’ cider offerings. Brickworks prides themselves on using a variety of local suppliers, including Three Forks Farm, Monforte Dairy, and The Butcher Shoppe.


East Danforth

East Danforth’s Magic Oven has been making California-style pizzas, salads, pasta, and wings for a whopping 18 years. They offer up delicious dishes that feature local, organic, and fair-trade ingredients. Magic Oven boasts local suppliers like 100 km Foods Inc.

Entertainment District

360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower boasts Canadian inspired cuisine that features a variety of locally-sourced seasonal ingredients. Not only can you go there to indulge in a wide selection of wines from Ontario and around the world, but you can munch on a delicious local meal while taking in the beautiful 360-degree view of Toronto. 360 The Restaurant features local suppliers like Forbes Wild Foods and 100 km Foods Inc.

Fashion District

The Fashion District is packed with restaurants using local ingredients like Belfast Love Public House, Marben, and Le Sélect Bistro. Located on King Street, Belfast Love uses local suppliers like Sanagan’s Meat Locker and 100 km Foods Inc. Marben offers up Canadian comfort food with a British influence, using local suppliers Dolce Lucano and others. Le Sélect Bistro proudly boasts a menu that changes seasonally, with suppliers like 100 km Foods Inc.


Located in Leslieville, Maple Leaf Tavern offers up a locally sourced North American-inspired menu from their very own Chef Jesse Vallins. With wood fired grills, seasonal menus, in house dry aged Ontario meats, and more, this menu comes packed with delicious features.


Little Italy

Quetzal in Little Italy features a variety of menu items inspired by the diverse flavours and customs of Mexico. This beautiful restaurant uses local ingredients in their upscale Mexican cuisine and craft cocktails, using suppliers like Sanagan’s Meat Locker and 100 km Foods Inc.

Old Toronto

Old Toronto offers up several amazing restaurants with locally sourced ingredients like Library Bar and Bindia Indian Bistro. The Royal York’s Library Bar offers up farm to table programming, with 7 bee hives on the roof and a functioning vegetable and herb garden. Some of their local suppliers include 100 km Foods Inc. Head to Bindia Indian Bistro for a nouveau approach to Indian cuisine, using fresh, local ingredients.

Regent Park

Regent Park’s Paintbox Catering & Bistro is a social enterprise that offers up delicious food while simultaneously focusing on making a positive impact within their community. With local suppliers like Hooked Inc., you’ll find yourself going back to Paintbox again and again!


Head to Riverside for a wide variety of restaurants that use delicious, fresh local ingredients including TC’s Tibetan Momo’s, Chorizos La Abuela Mexican Street Food, and Cafe Belong. Whether you’re looking for refreshing Tibetan dumplings, authentic Mexican street food, or other sustainable, fresh food, you’re sure to find it at one of these extravagant spots.


West Queen West

Head to Toronto’s West Queen West to indulge in some tasty food at Canis Restaurant, where Jeff King and his team have crafted an elaborate menu that revolves around seasonality, simplicity, and fermentation. Each night, Canis offers up a tasting menu with approximately ten courses.

How Brickworks Keeps It Local

Brickworks Ciderhouse proudly sources from local suppliers including their partners at Black Creek Community Farm. Black Creek is situated on an eight-acre urban farm in the city where they grow and harvest a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs for the surrounding community. Lana Gay joined Brickworks Cidermakers Martha and Emily to learn more about how they work with the Black Creek team to source unique, local ingredients for use in their hand-crafted ciders. Check out the below video to learn more:

How Brickworks Ciderhouse Keeps It Local

Brickworks Ciderhouse is a proud partner of Black Creek Community Farm in Toronto. Their shared commitment to supporting local agriculture and using fresh, local ingredients, makes this partnership a natural fit.

Lana Gay joined Brickworks cidermakers Martha & Emily to learn more about how the 8-acre urban farming centre is providing fresh & organic produce to reduce food insecurity in their community.

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