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Where to get Late Night Eats in Toronto

Unless you live by the 24hrs Metro at College and Shaw (and whoa, has the staff there seen it all), being hungry late at night can be a bit of a problem in Toronto. While Just-Eat.ca can solve a lot of problems, it’s a different matter if you’re on the street and famished at 2am.

Here’s a list of different options available to you.

The Lakeview is an old standby at Ossington and Dundas. A lot of people complain about the food but these guys will put an apple pie in a milk shake and that’s worth something. Open 24 hours.


Lim Ga Ne at 5529 Yonge is known for the freebees, blood sausage, and other extremely authentic Korean food. Beloved of ex-pats and those who once taught English in Korea; not intended for vegetarians. Open 24 hours.

7West at 7 Charles Street (just beneath Bloor by Yonge) is a three story Victorian with a tasty, cheap menu, a nice patio, and decent decor. Open 24 hours.


Jonny Jackson at 587 College has pizza, bacon poutines, grilled cheeses, pulled pork on a bun, or mac and cheese until 3:30am


416 Snackbar at 181 Bathurst has a kitchen that’s open until 2am and a menu that constantly changes but the Jamaican beef patties, pizza pockets, and mini-burgers tend to always be there. If that sounds tacky, they also serve a vegetable skewer with roasted cauliflower, lemon-stuffed olives, dried fig, babaganouj, dukkah, herbs and lemon.


King Palace at 820 Church Street, is a favorite of cabbies, which is a good sign. It’s an Indo-Pakistani menu and mostly microwaved when the hours get late, but it actually tastes quite decent. Open 24 hours.

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Sneakydees, at 431 College Street, is not noted for fine dining, but the kitchen is open until 4am on weekends and they have what some call the best nachos in the city.


Home of Hot Taste, 710 Yonge Street, serves Korean fried chicken (whole chicken broken down and flash fried) until 2am on weekends.

Cut the Cheese Gourmet grilled cheese in the Junction, open until 2am on Friday and Saturday


Owl of Minerva (700 Bloor Street West, by Clinton Street) serves Korean comfort food at a good price. Once of the best pork bone soups you’ll get (arguably). Open 24 hours.

Pho Pasteur, at Dundas and Kensington, is also notable for never closing its doors. The pho broth is pretty good, too. Open 24 hours.

Poutini’s House of Poutine at 1112 Queen Street West is a great way to end the night. The staff are fun and more energetic than they have any right to be, poutine is a delicious food, the music they play is pretty nice, and they’re open until 3:30am Thurs-Sat.


Rol San can be found at 323 Spadina and is famous for plastic table cloths, fried taro, marinated chicken feet, dumplings, steamed buns, and dim sum until 2am.

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There are, of course, many other options: China town on Spadina has got you covered, as does Big Fat Burrito by Lee’s Palace, and when in doubt, there’s always a 24hr grocery store.

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