Where to go Antiquing in Toronto

5 places to check out during your antique hunt

This is meant to be a list of places to buy antiques in Toronto, a daunting task considering we’re in a town where you can’t throw a stick without hitting the window of an antique/junk/curio store. Nonetheless! Here are places to buy antiques in Toronto:

Up by Downsview Park you can come here on Saturdays and Sundays armed with your wallet and the grim determination to find a deal. Open 10AM-6PM with free entry and free parking as well, the flea market has a pretty respectable antiques and collectables section that you can browse online beforehand, so you know what you’re in for. It’s a big market, so there’ll definitely be some interesting finds. Pretty crowded, but what the hell, it’s a day out.


At 92 Front St. East, between 5AM and 5PM, there are about 120 vendors. Items are generally not over-priced, despite being in a pretty tourist-friendly location. Come here for small items (like jewelry or home decor stuff) rather than bigger furniture.


This is more antique clothing…what we would call “vintage”. Located at 1300 Queen Street east, their clothing and accessories are dated from between the 1800s and the 1970s. However, they also carry rugs, blankets, posters, mannequins, and curios.


Very specific, The Monkey’s Paw on 1229 Dundas West only stocks books and printed matter, and only from before 1980. Their focus is on the obsolete, the strange, and the highly specific. Speaking of this store, Margret Atwood once said, “There’s a lot of weird stuff out there,” and the Toronto Star called it, “a treasure trove of weirdness.” So, yeah, it’s worth a look.


It’s a big sucker of a store in Parkdale at 1605 Queen West, and it’s mostly known for its furniture and larger pieces. Smaller stuff is there, but the bigger bits are the draw. It closes at 5PM through the week and is only open 12-5 on the weekends, but if you want to look at things like parts of carnival rides, salvaged Vespas or reclaimed boat propellers, this is the place for you.


There. Barely skimmed the surface, but that’s enough to get you started.

(Main image by justintimetravels.com)