Whitby Man Got a Dirty T-Shirt Instead of a Sony VR Headset

Next time you buy something from Walmart you could be getting a bottle of glass cleaner and a dirty tee

When PJ Mazzonna opened his Christmas gift, he was sure that the box contained a Sony Playstation VR headset. In fact, Mazzonna had purchased the VR himself with Christmas money that his family had given him.

Instead, he found a dirty T-shirt, two bottles of water, glass cleaner and a demo disc.

“I thought my family hid it on me,” Mazzonna told CBC Toronto. “So I ended up calling them and said, ‘This is not a joke. Where is the VR headset? Where is everything in it?’ And immediately they thought I was playing a joke.”

The Whitby resident had purchased the gaming equipment from Walmart in Ajax. He watched as Walmart employees removed the box from a locked glass case.

After realizing that it wasn’t a joke, Mazzonna and his brother, Leo Chieco, took the box and its contents back to Walmart. The two were immediately directed to the store’s manager. The manager took the receipt and told the brothers that they would conduct an investigation.

A few days later, a different manager called and insisted that the brothers were trying to scam the store.

A spokesperson from Walmart has told CBC Toronto that “the customer service team is working on the issue.”