‘White Saviour Barbie’ Instagram Parodies Volunteer Selfies Abroad

We've all seen it

I think we’ve all seen it: people go abroad to volunteer in developing countries with good intentions, but the selfies with underprivileged children come across as insincere self-gratification.

@barbiesavior takes on this concept in an Instagram account, mocking the people who suffer from “White Saviour Complex”. This term is used to describe those who travel to third world countries and make the entire experience about themselves.

The account was created by two white twenty-something women who are self-proclaiming “white saviours” of the past, who both regret acting this way when they volunteered in East Africa. The idea to create the account began as a joke between the two, trying to get some guilt off their chest. The idea is similar to Sociality Barbie, an Instagram account mocking the millennial travel trend.

The Instagram photos feature extremely satirical images of white barbies photoshopped into what looks like East Africa. The photos are outlandish, with over-the-top captions to match.

According to Huffington Post, @barbiesavior creators hope the account “is an entertaining jumping off point for some very real discussions, debates, and resolves.”

Volunteering in developing countries is most definitely a great gesture and opportunity to help those less fortunate. Posting numerous selfies and photos with children proclaiming the big sacrifice you have made is another story.

The self-deprecating creators said,

“If you’re offended by the account then you’d better be offended by the real accounts who actually display this behavior in all authenticity. That is the real offense.”

What do you think of @barbiesavior?