Whitehorse Shares Leave No Bridge Unburned

The latest album is their first with outside collaborators

February 17 was a huge day for Whitehorse as they released their latest album, Leave No Bridge Unburned. It was the first to feature an outside collaboration, with efforts from producers Gus Van Go and Werner F.

“We can get trapped in our own bubble, so to have someone else calling the shots really pushed us further into the more epic drum sounds and that territory,” says singer Melissa McClelland. “And once we got a taste of that, we kind of dove right in.”

“It started out dramatic because at first, Gus asked us to show him some music, so we played him some songs and his reaction was to cancel the recording session and send us home to write ‘real’ songs,” Luke Doucet laughs. “He was like, ‘These songs are terrible, go home and write real songs.'”

McClelland expressed her appreciation for the process as well. “We wanted to get beat up because what’s the point in having a producer if we’re not going to get some passion? It was a really exceptional process that we had never really put ourselves through before.”

Whitehorse will play at Massey Hall on May 8.

Stream the album here.