Who Did This to You? Rock Star Heartbreak Before and After

6 artists whose sounds have changed dramatically due to heartbeak

Songs can provide before and after pictures of rock stars and the lovers who crushed them.

Do you like these bands more before or after their singers went through a painful breakup? Check out the before and after music of singers who started out as rock stars and ended up as empty shells of their former selves.


In 2011 Alex Turner split from his girlfriend Alexa Chung after 4 years together. He changed his sound and his haircut.

Before: “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor”

After: “I Wanna Be Yours”



Damon Albarn was with Danielle Frischmann of Elastica for 7 years. After they split, Blur released the album 13, and Elastica broke up.

Before: “Girls And Boys”

After: “No Distance Left To Run”



Double whammy for Billy Corgan – he lost his mom in ’96 and split from his wife Christine Fabian in ’97. In ’98 he sang “time has ravaged on my soul.” ​Ouch!

Before: “Zero”

After: “Once Upon A Time”



Beck was with Leigh Limon for 9 years before she broke off their engagement in 2000. He didn’t take it very well, but later married actor Marissa Ribisi.

Before: “Two Turntables And A Microphone”

After: “Lost Cause”



Karen O’s breakup from Angus Andrew of the band Liars was behind 2003’s “Maps”, but she married director Barnaby Clay in 2011 and included “Wedding Song” on their latest album Mosquito. Happy ending!

Before: “Maps”

After: “Wedding Song”



Despite breaking up with Meg TWICE (once when they divorced in 2000, and again when they disbanded The White Stripes in 2011) AND divorcing 2nd wife Karen Elson in 2013 he doesn’t seem to be mellowing out at all, just getting more eccentric.

Before: “Fell In Love With A Girl”

After: “Lazaretto”