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Who’s the Worst for Over-Acting on The Walking Dead?

With the midseason finale behind us now is a good time to reevaluate the cast members who survived the bloody prison clash – who’s the worst for over-acting?

Have you ever noticed that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has a fluctuating accent? Sometimes he sounds extra southern and then sometimes his voice goes super macho a la Christian Bale in Batman.

And what about Beth (Emily Kinney) with her wide-eyed disbelief? Hasn’t she been surrounded by zombies for a couple years now? And yet she’s still so shocked and horrified by everything.

My over-actor of the year award goes to Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) who always seems to be either a) rage-y or b) rage-ier. And even when he had a black eye swollen shut from his fight with Rick he still managed to hang on to the same steely gaze. It’s one look that works for any situation, apparently.

Now we have to wait until February to find out who survives outside the prison and whether or not their acting will improve!

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