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Why Are ‘J Shaped’ Trees Seen As An Ominous Warning Sign?

What Are J- Shaped Trees And Where Are They Found?

Ever noticed how dogs can sense storms coming? It’s a phenomenon. And the same way that our canine friends have higher receptors for changes in weather, so trees can sense danger.

Like deadly square-shaped waves in the ocean, J shaped trees are an ominous warning sign from nature, and the story behind it will make you have a whole new respect for our natural environment.

J shaped trees are a way of nature warning us that there’s an impending landslide. Well, I guess if you’re superstitious you can see it that way. Another way of looking at it is that the trees are growing in this strange shape because of a very scientific and explainable occurrence.

What Causes J- Shaped Trees To Grow That Way?

j shaped tree
Image: @heatherseenthis on Instagram

If you’ve ever been hiking in the woods and come across a patch of J shaped trees, chances are a landslide is on its way. Not that there’s necessarily any urgency to it. The reason, however, that a tree grows in a J-shape is because the ground is moving very slowly underneath the roots. Isn’t that so cool?

It makes perfect sense really. It’s kind of like how Bonsai can be shaped slowly over time around wires.

j shaped trees
Image: @sophiewirecraft on Instagram

The official name for the earth moving underneath a tree (causing a J shaped tree) is soil creep. The slow ground movement indicates the overall instability of a slope. Because of this movement, it’s a solid indicator that a landslide has happened in the spot before, and will also likely happen again.

A Living Reminder and Warning

Nature is always communicating with us. See: Global Warming for example. In this way however, the J shaped tree exists to send a message and also as an indication that something – at some point – is going to happen to the land underneath.

In this way, it’s a living reminder of the constant movement and change of nature. Further, it’s a warning to locals and those who visit regularly to take extra caution in these areas!

8 Other Insane Ways Nature Reminds Us That Anything Could Happen

j shaped trees

  1. Green skies are an indication that a powerful thunderstorm is on its way.
  2. Crosshatched waves on the ocean tell onlookers of a rip current under the surface of the water
  3. Animals behaving strangely can be a fantastic indication of changing weather patterns, and even disaster about to strike.
  4. A sun halo is made up of thin cirrus clouds, made up of tiny ice particles, that show up before a storm.
  5. A dramatically receding tide often foreshadows that a tsunami is on its way.
  6. Animals running towards you (as well as smoke in the air, obvs) can be a strong sign of a wildfire.
  7. Uneven flares around the sun may just be an indicator of a solar storm.
  8. A “wall cloud” will sit low and spread up to five miles long! They form when a tornado is about to hit. Yikes!

In Conclusion

Make sure you keep an eye out for all the signs we’re constantly receiving from Mother Nature. They could save your life!

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