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Why Is Toronto Called The 6? (The Story Behind The Nickname)

Why “The 6” Isn’t Just Another Nickname For Toronto

If you’re from Toronto, you’ve likely heard the city referred to as “the 6”. In fact, if you’re from Toronto, you’ve likely groaned or rolled your eyes when you’ve heard the city referred to as “the 6”. But have you ever wondered: Why is Toronto called “the 6”?

Thanks to Drake, the rapper from Forest Hill, Toronto is known internationally as “the 6”. In fact, this moniker has taken over as an unfortunate mascot of Toronto’s identity. With each passing day and year, the other forms of slang for Toronto continue to slide out of the vernacular of the people of Toronto.

And yet, “the 6” remains.

The identity of Toronto remains very unsettled, and I think that’s good. Part of the creative tension of Toronto is that it’s such a mixture of various cultural influences.

– George Ellion Clark, English Professor at the University of Toronto

Some, Now Older, Names For Toronto Are:

why is toronto called the 6
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1) Tdot: This was (obviously) an abbreviation for T.O., which allegedly goes back to the early 90s with Canadian rap star Mastro Fresh Wes.

2) TO: This is obviously the precursor to Tdot, which was abbreviated because it’s obviously way too long.

3) The Big Smoke: Going back to the early 1900s, Australian writer Alan Rayburn called Toronto “The Big Smoke”. From there, the name was popularized by Canadian journalist Alan Fotheringham. He called it this because Toronto had a giant reputation and nothing to show for it.

4) Hogtown: Well this is easy. Toronto is called Hogtown because of the dominant hog-processing industry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

5) Baby New York: Toronto is like the New York of Canada. It’s the busiest city, and is also home to the hippest clubs, brunch spots, and trendy boutiques. That is all.

Want To Know Why Toronto Is Called “The 6”?

The reason Toronto is called “The 6” / “6” / “6ix” is because of the six municipalities making up Metro Toronto before they were all joined in 1998.

Further, the name (annoying as it may be) is also derived from the main area code in Toronto, 416. Originally, Drake said he and his collaborators thought about calling it “the 4”. But it just didn’t have the same ring to it.

What Drake Has To Say About “The 6”

So, the area code for Toronto is 416… why did Drake decide to go with The 6″?

Easy: it sounded cooler. Now you know.

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