WATCH: Why People Use Facebook To Avoid Reality

Your social media obsession, as explained by Doug Hindson.

Doug Hindson wants to know why we all share edited snippets of our lives on social media that we think will make us look impossibly cool. And he’s using a video, called Dis\connect, to find out.

The answer, he says, is that we’re all afraid of being alone. When we’re not surrounded by other people, all our deepest worries, fears and regrets flood into our brains. “I wonder what I would be doing if weren’t doing this,” he asks, “would I be the person I have always feared I’d become… or would I be the person I’d always dreamed I’d be?”

So, instead of sitting with those thoughts, we use Facebook, Twitter, Vine, or whatever else as a defence mechanism.

Check out Hindson’s video, Dis\connect, below: