Why The Ramones’ ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ is One of the Greatest Alternative Songs of All-Time

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The Ramones proved you could build an extensive catalogue of music on the back of simple three-chord song structures. The one that started it all was “Blitzkrieg Bop,” the band’s first single released back in the winter of 1976. It stands as one of the most influential Side A – Track 1 cuts of all-time, because who hasn’t shouted “Hey! Ho! Let’s go!” at some point?

It’s been covered and recorded by other artists too many times to mention, and it’s also heard routinely at live sporting events over the PA system. It doesn’t matter if you heard it for the first time back in 1976, years later courtesy of a friend’s older sibling, via Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, or most recently over the closing credits of Spider-Man: Homecoming… you felt its undeniable catchiness instantly.

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