WiFi Coming To GO Trains and Buses

One step closer to a modern transportation system

For the thousands of commuters that use the GO Transit system in southern Ontario, we have some great news!

Soon you won’t have to max out your data plan on your commute; the Ontario government and Metrolinx announced plans this week to install WiFi signals on their trains and buses. Go Transit will be quality testing the program before a system-wide launch, starting with two GO trains and four GO buses, according to a press release.

President and Chief Executive Officer of Metrolinx Phil Verster said the following on the upcoming upgrade:

“Free Wi-Fi is a given as part of the customer experience. We have it in our stations, and this trial will lead us to bringing Wi-Fi to our buses and trains. This will move us toward our goal of making transit an easier, more convenient and more enjoyable experience for everyone. And more great improvements are on the way.”

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Metrolinx is also launching a new website this coming march that is said to have an improved trip planner function, updated fare calculator, and enhanced service and station information. Currently there’s no information about when GO Transit users can expect the WiFi installation, but testing for the program starts soon.

Considering how notoriously packed GO Trains and buses are at rush hour, the WiFi is going to have to have some seriously beefy internet packages. We’re just sorry for whoever pays for their internet bills.

Image courtesy Arild via Flickr