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10 of the Wildest Festival Eats of all Time

In the spirit of the CNE, take a look at some of the most inane, artery-clogging concoctions that have graced festivals, carnivals and fairs around the world.

Deep Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

The California State Fair and others including Minnesota’s in recent years created this monstrosity to enjoy. A California vendor called Sweet Cheeks upped the artery, er, ante with a cheesecake version with bubblegum frosting!


Cronut Burger

A similar cronut burger as this one was the talk of the 2013 CNE for all the wrong reasons. The Toronto Star reported nearly 90 people complained of “food-borne illness” from consuming it. In 2014 the CNE brought in new “food-safety” procedures to prevent such another disaster.

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Chocolate Covered Scorpions

The Alameda County Fair had this on a recent menu. But have no fear, the scorpions aren’t poisonous, just crunchy. It’s evident this writer would need a lot more chocolate (and fried beer) to consume this.


Deep Fried Pop Tarts

This treat has been around for a few years and is rather self-explanatory. Some decide to top it off with chocolate sauce or more sugar while others eat it in its normal yet seismic cholesterol-raising state. You’ve been warned.


Pickle Pops

What screams thirst-quenching more than brine? Well, apparently nothing else if you’re at the Kansas State Fair. These aren’t just pickles in a pouch – it’s basically a freezy made from pickle juice. And remember, they’re the “original” pickle pops in case you thought clever impostors were hard at work trying to undermine this product’s integrity.


Deep Fried Starbucks Coffee

The San Diego County Fair had this on the menu this past June. It consisted of “deep fried balls of ground coffee, dusted with sugar and topped with whipped cream.” No word if it could be ordered in tall, grande or venti sizes.

Yup. DEEP FRIED STARBUCKS is a real thing at the fair this year. #sdfair #ocfair #foodbeast

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Fried Beer

Although one is often fried after too many beers, the 2012 Texas State Fair wanted you fried from the start. The beer was placed inside ravioli-like pockets and then dumped in the fryer. One bite in and piping hot beer would be in your mouth. Perhaps a treat in the harsh arctic but nowhere else.


Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese

A preview of this year’s CNE food took place Aug. 19. Here is one which could have your mouth watering before and after eating. From local vendors Bacon Nation, the bacon-topping bread with gooey cheese in the middle sounds like a winner this year. Only time will tell.

CNE PREVIEW 2015• Bacon Nation’s Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese @letsgototheex #cne2015 #cne

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Deep Fried Ice Cream Cheeseburger

Australia’s Sydney Festival (as well as Florida) opted for a cheeseburger with a scoop on top. “Ever tried to eat a burger that’s been dunked in a bucket of milk?” Kitchenette’s C.A. Pinkham wrote of the food.



Deep Fried Big Mac

It has yet to make its way onto a festival menu, but the site PeepMyEats.com revealed how to go about deep-frying a Big Mac. No thank you!

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