Wildly Anti-Capitalist Toddler Shreds Over $1,000 of Parents’ Savings

2-year-old communist is not messing around

Ben and Jackee Belnap of Halladay, Utah had intended to use $1,060 of savings to pay back Ben’s parents for University of Utah football season tickets. When it came time to pay their debt, the Belnaps came up empty in their search for an envelope full of cash. They eventually discovered the cash, minced into pieces in the family’s home shredder.

The Belnap’s son, Leo, is believed to be the culprit. The fiercely anti-capitalist 2-year-old took it upon himself to show his parents that he’s all out of fucks to give with regards to their finances. Bad-arse.

“Leo helps me shred junk mail and just things with our name on it, or important documents we want to get rid of,” Jackee Belnap told KSL.

The Belnaps can potentially recoup their losses by sending all the pieces to the U.S. Department of Treasury, who will take a couple years to piece it all back together and verify the amount.