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Will Butler Finishes Off His Week With The Guardian

It’s been a busy week for Will Butler, between the BRIT Awards and his daily song with The Guardian. Lucky for Will, that pressure ends today.

To recap: Butler announced last week that he would be writing a song a day for the news outlet, and the results have been incredibly impressive. On Monday Butler released “Clean Monday”, chronicling the Greek Debt crisis, followed by Tuesday’s “Waving Flag” based on Ukrainian separatists. Wednesday’s BRIT Awards gave Will a break, only to deliver two more songs the next day entitled “You Must Be Kidding” and “Madonna Can’t Save Me Now”, based on the clean water shortages in Brazil and a newly discovered black hole.

Butler commented on the songwriting process earlier this week, stating:

“I had every intention of writing about the Brit Awards. It was a news event I was sure The Guardian would cover. I was pretty confident in Sam Smith and Taylor Swift. I could cheat a bit, prepare a couple zingers in advance. But they just found a black hole 12bn times the mass of the sun and almost as old as the universe itself, so, whatever.”

Priorities, people.

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