Will Rob Ford Turn Toronto into the Next Austin?

Controversial YYZ Mayor is talking about music festivals these days

This past weekend amidst more controversy around allegations to known associates, Rob Ford had something else on the agenda. Music.

Surprised? Us too, a little. When you think about it, it isn’t that out of character. While Mayor Ford hasn’t exactly been a friend of arts, he’s definitely known to enjoy a good festival from time to time.

This past weekend Toronto’s mayor was down in Austin taking in the Austin City Limits Festival which he raved about.

People are super nice; everyone’s well-behaved; I didn’t see one incident. This is truly incredible, amazing. There’s a place for young people — a little kids’ village — my kids would love that here.” Ford was quoted saying in the Toronto Star.

Ford vowed to bring a similar type of festival to Toronto, which is a lofty, but tantalizing prospect.

We’re going to have this happen in Toronto,” “We’ve just got to find a venue; it might not be this big, but what I’ve seen today — look at what it does for the economy, look at what it does for tourism, look at what it does for jobs. This is a win-win-win right around.

Time will tell. In the meantime, there are certainly other issues swirling around the mayor that will keep him and his staff busy.